Why Choose Cheque Print

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A Western presence, with the West’s trademark approach to service

Headquartered in Calgary, Cheque Print is western Canadian owned and operated. Our focus: providing superior cheque printing services with a personal touch.


A commitment to personal customer care

Every member of the Cheque Print team buys into our belief in the importance of putting approachable people behind our products. When you phone us during business hours, you can rest assured a real person will answer your call or get back to you personally, normally within an hour.


The responsiveness you expect

Cheque Print offers a 3-4 day turnaround for all business cheque orders and a 4-5 day turnaround on all personal cheque orders. Most orders leave our facilities the day they’re received (or in the case of business orders, the day they’re approved by the client).


Lower costs, with no compromise in quality

Cheque Print’s clients enjoy a 5-15% pricing advantage over clients of the major national supplier, yet they get cheques of the highest quality: we use the most secure cheque stock on the market for every cheque we print.


Personal accessories

Cheque Print is equipped to fill all of your cheque-related needs. We can provide transaction booklets, clear vinyl wallets, address stamps and deposit stamps.


A full line of add-on business accessories

To meet your business cheque-related needs, we offer binders, self-inking stamps, deposit books, windowed envelopes, invoices, business stationery printing – you name it.


Completely customizable cheques

Want to give your cheques a little personality? With Cheque Print, you can add your favourite colour logo or image to your cheques. You can also add your black & white logo or choose one of the many stock logos in our collection.


Telephone verification for all business orders

At Cheque Print, we believe in getting it right the first time. As such, we take the time to verify the information on all of our business cheque orders. We also guarantee the cheques we provide will work with your accounting software.


No-fault, no-charge re-runs

On all business cheque orders When mistakes happen, we don’t like to quibble over who was at fault. We’d rather spend our energy making our clients happy.

In my experience, ChequePrint has been the easiest provider to deal with in the industry, with excellent pricing and delivery times and wonderful customer service.