Welcome Accounting Professionals


This page is dedicated to all accounting professionals in Canada.

Cheque Print has been working with accounting professionals, since the day we started printing cheques.  We love working with individuals and companies that understand the need for an alternative to the banks for cheques and related items and they understand the value of working with a customer-focused business like Cheque Print.  We are always looking for new customers and we have 2 ways that you can help us with this goal, while at the same time helping your clients.

We have 2 Program Options Available For Accounting Professionals, Like You.

Option #1 - 10% discount for your clients.

  • We provide you with a URL (custom link) that you can share with clients, friends, family or even prospects.
  • This link will automatically give your customers a 10% discount (no coupon code required), when they order from our website.

Option # 2 - You get 10% of all orders placed

  • We provide you with a custom URL that we use to track all orders placed by your clients, friends, family or prospects.  Once your clients start ordering, they will be tagged with your unique code, so even if they order by phone email or fax, they will be forever tagged. 
  • We then run a monthly report of all orders placed through your link and we send you a cheque for 10% of all money spent (before taxes).

What we will do for you:

  • Set you up with whichever program works for you - FREE to join, Free to leave. 
  • Nothing to sign and no long-term commitment
  • We will print 2 orders of FREE cheques, for your offices or a clients office.*
  • Every year after that, we will print 1 order of cheques FREE, for all active partners **
  • Once signed up, you will receive a welcome gift, a certificate for your FREE orders and marketing notes and scripts you can use.

Who are we and why are we doing this. It's simple, we have been printing cheques in Canada for over 16 years with thousands of satisfied customers. We want to add more satisfied customers to our family and we feel that instead of paying for advertising in the hopes of adding customers, why not pay for actual orders.   We add new customers and you make some money for your efforts or you clients save money.     Win Win Win!!

You know people that use cheques, sign up today.

Ready to go?  I will need the following details, by email:

  • Your Company Name & Address
  • Your name, email and phone #
  • Which program you want to participate in.

email me now, or call if you have questions @1.877.846.6996


~ John Kittell ~ Founder/Owner - Cheque Print Solutions Inc.

* - any cheque we offer, up to a quantity of 1000

** - an active partner is considered someone that provides us with at least 4 new orders in a 12 month period, after sign up.