Exclusive Offer For Canadian Non-Profit Organizations - 15% Commission on orders from supporters.

make money on cheque orders

Cheque Print is a Canadian company that believes in paying it forward and giving back. Instead of investing our marketing dollars in a marketing agency, we thought why not invest those dollars into community-based non-profits that need it the most? That’s where YOU come in!

How the program works:

  1. Fill in the form below or give us a call, toll free: 1.877.846.6996.
  2. We provide you with a custom landing page, complete with your logo and and a welcome message.
  3. You put links to this page on your site, in emails or on your social media. You are free to let you supporters know about this alternative fund-raising opportunity.
  4. When an order is placed through your custom URL, your organization name is attached to that order.
  5. We prepare the order as we would any other order.  We tag them in our internal system, with your name.
  6. When your supporter places a repeat order or add-on order, they are all tagged with your name.
  7. Monthly we run a report, tally up all orders associated with your organization and we send you a cheque in the amount of 15% of all eligible orders placed.
That's it. No commitments (long or short-term) from you.
Stop using the URL anytime, let us know and we will disable it immediately. No other fine print.

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About Cheque Print Cheques

Our cheques are the exact same quality you can expect from your bank, but you get the additional advantages of:

  • Save up to 40% compared to the cost of some bank cheques
  • Completely customizable designs including full-colour logos
  • The most secure cheque paper available
  • Knowledgeable one-on-one service
  • Quick order turnaround, and free door-to-door delivery in Canada
  • Sustainable paper use including tree-planting to offset carbon footprint
  • Free set-up and PDF proofs**
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and much more

Learn about our Saving opportunity for non-profit groups

Toll Free: 1-877-846-6996


"Fast and reliable. All the security features you would receive from the bank with the amazing option of adding your logo—you cannot get that from your bank! Will re-order and will refer Cheque Print to everyone I know!"

- ECO Pools

"With our need for totally customized cheque stock to match our benefits software, I think we’d worn out our welcome with almost every cheque printing company on this side of the country and even one in the US before we reached out to the folks at Cheque Print. Honestly, with the volume of cheques that we need to pump out in any given month, it wasn’t about dollars and cents but infinitely more about that custom personal service, the fast turn around, the kindness, consideration and patience and most of all, the reliability. We’ve simply found our cheque supplier. Thanks Cheque Print!"

- Mike Dvern, Group Benefits Unlimited

**Free PDF proofs are not included with personal cheques, however they are available for an additional fee if desired.