About Us


Cheque Print Solutions is a full-service cheque provider. We’re a smart alternative to banks, especially because our primary focus is customer care.

Proudly Canadian-owned and operated since 1999, we have successfully served over 10,000 customers and printed over 82 million cheques. Our popular services continue to grow, and we have branched out to begin offering our excellent savings and service in the United States.

Our clients range from large corporations to entrepreneurs who want an affordable cheque printing option. We source only top-quality, universally functional products that we ship straight from our facilities in Alberta, Canada.


We are committed to maintaining the best customer service in the business by combining a traditional, personal attention and cutting-edge products to all of our clients. We put real people on the phone, so you can get fast answers and quick orders. To us, every customer is a “preferred customer”, and that’s exactly how we’ll treat you.

We will fill your order fast, and we will invest the extra effort to get it right the first time. In the rare event that something goes wrong at any stage of the process, we will re-design or re-print at no cost to you.

To us, it is standard customer care. To our clients, it is more than they ever expected. (And to our competitors, it is all a bit of a mystery.)


In 1999, company founder John Kittell took his experience in business printing services and began focusing on laser cheque printing for all accounting applications. From there, Cheque Print Solutions Inc. branched out into manual cheques and set out to give local businesses an alternative to the banks for their manual business cheque needs.

In 2002, we expanded our product line to include personal cheques. Additionally, a local bank took interest in us in order to produce cheques for them, and all of their business clients. The company subsequently added another branch of the same bank to our list of financial institutions.

Currently, we have the capabilities to produce top-of-the-line cheques for any financial institution, in addition to any business, company, or person who chooses to go straight to the source.