How Do I Order Cheques?

How to Order Cheques from Cheque Print

  1. Complete your order online, or by phone, fax, email or in person.
  2. Your cheque order is confirmed by email, phone or personally if ordered at our office.
  3. After order confirmation you receive a PDF proof via email or fax within
    1-2 days provided all details are provided with your order.
  4. Your order is printed, inspected, and shipped within 1-2 days for approval.
  5. Business orders are shipped via Purolator, personal orders mailed via Canada Post unless directed otherwise.
  6. After providing us with an email address, you will receive a confirmation after your order leaves our facilities.

Can I Order Cheques From Any Company?

Many people wonder how to buy cheques online or where to purchase their cheques. In Canada, it is legal to order cheques from a vendor that isn't a bank. Payments Canada, formerly called the Canadian Payments Association, allows for private companies to print bank, business, or personal cheques as long as they meet certain requirements. All cheques must meet current standards and legal specifications in their entirety, which Cheque Print guarantees 100%.

Can I Order Cheques Online?

The next step is how to get the cheques: online at Cheque Print, you can order personal, bank, and business cheques with ease and confidence. The ordering process is quick and simple. Just choose your preferred check design, provide or upload your details on the order page using a previous sample, and complete the checkout. Cheque Print ensures a fully secure online ordering experience with an SSL security certificate. You can verify our SSL details by clicking on the green area at the start of our URL. For additional information on our security measures, visit our Secure Cheque Ordering page.

Can I Order Cheques Offline?

There are no legal restrictions to ordering cheques offline. Download one of our editable PDF order forms below, update it with your details and email or fax it to Cheque Print.

You can also email us the details of your order or post a current cheque sample with details to our mailing address. If preferable, you can also order in person. Cheque Print will accommodate you any way we can, to complete orders to your complete satisfaction. How to order cheques is easier than ever.

What to Expect After Your Order:

  1. We will acknowledge receipt of your order and cheque details.
  2. All cheque orders will have a no-charge proof returned with your order confirmation.
  3. Confirmation details will include quantity, colour, start number, price and further options or items ordered.
  4. Your cheque proof shows exactly what the finished product will look like.
  5. You can make as many changes as you want and we will send proofs until you are 100% satisfied. Your order will not be printed until you have approved the final proof.

Additional Questions About Ordering

Does it Matter Where to Get Cheques Printed?

In Canada, you can get cheques printed from a private vendor or from a bank. Because we offer quick and reliable service, Cheque Print is a favoured choice due to our speed, ease, and direct cost-savings. You can get your checks printed online, in person or over the phone.

Can I Order Cheques from Any Company?

If you are asking yourself ‘Where can I buy cheques?’ know that you can order cheques from any company, provided they follow Payments Canada’s specifications. At Cheque Print, we guarantee that all personal and business cheques meet the standards set out by Payments Canada.

When Will I Receive My Order?

Typically our process takes 1 to 2 business days to create a proof, another 1 to 2 days for printing, then 1 to 4 days for shipping and handling. From start to finish your order should be complete in 3 to 8 days without order adjustment delays. We know how to get cheques to you in a timely manner. *Shipping time is dependent on the method used and your location in Canada.

Will the Bank Need to Test My Cheques?

No. Print Cheque products are tested by every major bank and credit union in Canada. No Canadian cheque sample test is needed. Our cheques are 100% guaranteed to pass all bank scanning and processing.

Will My New Cheques Fill Typical Double Window Envelopes?

Not necessarily, but we will ensure that they fit our self-sealing, secure, double-window cheque envelopes – guaranteed.

Can You Print Cheques Online?

At this time, printing cheques online from your home is not possible; however, you can order cheques from any company, so the process of how to get cheques is easier and more straightforward than ever before. If you have questions about how to order cheques and print from home, contact us for assistance.

Can I Have a Live Sample of Your Cheques?

Typically, we don't provide live samples unless a customer has committed to using our services due to the high cost involved. However, if a customer has prepaid for their order and wishes to preview a 'live' cheque, we dispatch 10 copies of the final product to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. If the Canadian cheque sample doesn't meet your expectations, we make any necessary layout adjustments and send the rest of the order without any additional charges.

As determined as I was to not be shafted by my bank through an overpriced cheque service, I was still leery about soliciting this service from the outside. My fears were very quickly put to rest by a confident, reassuring Canadian voice on the other end of the phone. Everything was very professional, no hidden costs and in my hands faster than originally promised. I showed the cheques to my bank to confirm they would be fine and they said they were perfect. I am very pleased. — Michael M.