Custom Logo Cheques

Get custom business checks with your logo from Cheque Print. Cheques with a logo can showcase your brand and help you to organize cheques for various accounts or companies. For as little as $.09 per cheque, your custom logo cheques can feature full colour logos, making your business checks with logos look very professional. The logo can be any size, and you don’t pay more for larger logos or screened (faded) logos on corresponding cheque stubs. Cheque Print offers the same eye-catching colours and quick delivery on its logo cheques as any of its other cheques – all at less cost. See below the options for business checks with a custom logo.

  • Custom cheques with logo of any size
  • Use black-and-white or full-colour logos
  • Starting at $0.09 per cheque
  • Logo cheques offer the same security as any of our other cheques

Choose Cheque Print for Your Logo Cheques

Compared to banks and other cheque printers, custom logo checks from Cheque Print will not be delayed because your order will be printed in-house so that you can get your logo cheques on time. Even if you are ordering full-colour logo cheques, Cheque Print will ensure we get your custom checks with your logo right the first time. Our dedicated customer service team will be available to answer any questions about logo cheques. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders of business checks with a logo.

Add a Logo to Your Cheques

Adding a cheque logo should not be a complicated matter. If you are looking for an effective way to get your company’s logo out, Cheque Print makes it easy to add your black-and-white or full-colour logo to cheques. To ensure your custom logo cheques look their best, please use high-quality print-compatible file formats such as EPS, JPG, TIF, BMP or GIF. If you are unsure if your cheque logo file is suitable, call Cheque Print to speak with a printing specialist about your custom logo checks.

When ordering custom checks with a logo by phone, we offer an opportunity to email your cheque logo specifications to our team. When placing an order online, you will have an easy option to upload your cheque logo. We will confirm with you once we have looked at your logo files to ensure the highest quality logo cheques are delivered. If you have any questions, contact Cheque Print and we will help you upload your files to create custom logo checks.

Design a Custom Cheque Logo

If you want to customize your business checks with a logo but don’t have a suitable one, our in-house graphic designers can help you design a custom logo check to meet your company image requirements. We can adapt existing branding to prepare a logo cheque design file that is suitable for custom business checks with a logo.

Choose a Stock Cheque Logo

You can also use one of our stock logos listed below to quickly create your custom logo checks. Explore our stock logos or contact us to speak to a professional designer about adapting a stock logo for your very own cheque logo.

Why Add A Logo to Your Cheques?

Business checks with a custom logo are affordable and easy to make. Consistent branding is important for any business and an easy way to control your business’ professional standing and your brand’s image. With Cheque Print, you don’t need to sacrifice cost or delivery time when ordering custom business checks with a logo.  Custom business checks with a logo can really elevate your brand identity with little lift.

Our wide selection of background colours compliments the look of any custom logo checks. Many clients even use different cheque logo variations or colours to help identify different accounts, such as a US bank account or trust account. Cheque Print has competitive pricing, so you can get custom checks with logos for all your businesses or accounts.

For any questions about ordering business cheques with a custom logo from Cheque Print Canada, please contact us for more information.

Benefits of Cheque Logos

Your business checks with custom logos can be used for many processes: paying employees, clients, customers, etc. As such, custom checks with logos are an excellent opportunity to promote and reinforce your company’s brand. What has the potential to be a boring, standard piece of stationary may be transformed into an artistic and promotional tool with a custom logo check . Additionally, cheque logos are quick and easy with Cheque Print, and they are applicable on starter kits, single and double check books, and more. Check out the options and order some custom logo cheques today.


"I have ordered a few times from ChequePrint and each time their service is fantastic.  I had a custom logo and layout that I wanted and the staff has been great sending proofs with any changes that were required.  Tanya made sure that I was completely satisfied before shipping.  The best part is the cheques look amazing!  Very pleased with my experience with them."

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