Order Your Company Cheques with Cheque Print

It’s simple, safe and affordable to order business cheques in Canada with Cheque Print online. Our quick and easy ordering process, secure cheque stock, customer satisfaction guarantee, and high-quality Canadian business cheques equipped with all of the latest cheque features make us the ideal choice. All our products comply with strict CPA guidelines for formatting, including security features that protect your company just as well as bank cheques do. Cheque Print is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company and we print millions of cheques each year for hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Why Trust Us Over Banks?

While most Canadian businesses still use cheques as their primary method of payment, not all know that they can order business cheques in Canada somewhere other than their bank. Even more are not aware that banks don’t actually print their own cheques – they simply send orders to their preferred printer – a third party company just like ours. That’s why ordering from us typically provides you with a minimum 10-25% savings over banks in Canada. When you order from us, the person who takes your order is the same person who will prepare and send it to you. This provides a much faster, smoother, and more secure ordering process than through a bank, where multiple people in different departments handle your order before it is delivered. Unlike banks, cheques are all we do. We are not only much more knowledgeable about our personal and business cheque products, but our goal is to become your exclusive cheque supplier – which means we provide better service every step of the way.

Better Service & Selection for Canadian Business Cheques

We offer Canadian companies a wide variety of cheque products, including blank cheque stockaccounting chequeslaser chequeslogo chequesbusiness checkbooksdesigner business checkscheque envelopes, and much more. Cheque Print gives you ultimate flexibility, with many optional features for the design of their own custom cheques including full colour logos, custom return address lines, additional top line wording, custom cheque stubs, a choice of one per page or two per page manual business cheques, your choice of colours and printing formats, and more. We can help fit your company cheques to your specific printing/accounting software’s requirements, explain exactly what you can and cannot include on your cheques due to CPA guidelines, and best of all, provide you a free proof so you know precisely what your order will look like before it’s printed. This is a convenient feature as you can compare your new company cheques to your old ones, or even show your bank to confirm they are correct.