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Designer Cheques

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Explore our cheque designs, complete your design checks online order, and receive your custom designed cheques in the mail promptly. The process of designing a cheque is simple.  Enjoy the flexibility to choose the cheque design layout, background and address/banking information. When you’re happy with your complimentary cheque design proof, Cheque Print will start your order and deliver your designed checks to your workplace or home.

Designer Series Cheque Designs

If you are interested in elevating your cheque designs to the next level, Cheque Print offers a number of signature background image styles with our Designer Checks Series, including designer business checks. All cheque designs and images/templates are available in laser/inkjet, 2-per-page manual, and personal style cheques. Browse images of each template option below to design checks online best suited to your brand. If you’re looking to design checks with a standard cheque design background, see our premium manualpersonal and printer cheques. If you’re looking for designer checks with a fully customized background image, please see our custom cheque options or our blank cheque stock.

All our cheque designs come with custom address/business information, custom numbering, banking information, and the option to add a company logo. Explore our templates below or select a layout above to design checks online. Regardless of what you are envisioning for your next cheque design, Cheque Print will help you design a cheque that you will be happy with..

How to Order Designer Cheques Online

Cheque Print is the leader in regular, custom, and designer checks in Canada. Design a check online that resonates with your business image! To order your designer checks, follow these easy steps to design checks online:

  • Take a look at the cheque designs below and note the template number(s)that you want to use for your designer cheques. You can pick up to four images for your cheques design, and the images will be used randomly throughout your order of designed checks.
  • Click on the above cheque layout you want to start your order. On the order page, you will see areas to enter the template number(s) you have chosen for your cheque design.
  • We will provide you with a proof featuring the template(s) you chose for your cheque design, along with all your personal/business details and banking information. You can confirm your cheque designs are accurateprior to
  • Once you are happy with the proofs, only then do you pay for your order and we will print and ship the designer checks right to your door.

If you have any questions about the process to design checks with Cheque Print, call or send a message.

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Design Your Cheques Online

Cheque Print is proud to offer a convenient way to create a personalized cheque design for your designer business cheques. You can select a cheque design that matches your business’ style or branding to create the look and feel you want for your cheques without the added cost of fully  . Want professional and sleek cheque designs? Take a look at our ‘Urban Series’ for popular and iconic cheque designs. Are you looking for a more playful feel? Try our ‘Whimsical Series’ and use them to design cheques that welcome a smile. Regardless of your taste or brand requirements, design your checks online to suit your needs. Our team will assist you every step of the way so that you can achieve the designer cheques of your dreams. Do not delay and begin your cheque design order today.

Designer Business Checks

A customized cheque design is a great way to give your business the ability to achieve a custom look without breaking the bank. Cheque Print’s wide selection of designer business checks allows you to choose a background image that matches the needs of your business branding. Design a cheque online quickly with Cheque Print, and use our selection of cheque designs to complement your brand. Whatever your banking stationery needs, Cheque Print has you covered to design a cheque that suits your expectations!