Purchase Manual Cheques from Cheque Print

A manual cheque, also known as a hand-written cheque, serves as a convenient option for quick and easy payments as needed on-the-spot. Manual cheques offer a practical solution when access to a computer and printer is limited or unavailable. In those cases, printer cheques or blank cheques would be a more convenient and conventional option. Manual cheques are particularly advantageous for businesses that infrequently use cheques but still require them as a back-up payment method. Order manual cheques from Cheque Print today so that you can be prepared in the future.

Customization Options for Manual Cheques

Add custom touches to your manual cheques with a logo either in colour, or black and white. Types and layouts differ, so you have a selection which can be designed to align with your branding. Get started on your order of manual cheques by selecting the layout and type above. To completely customize the background and design, consider ordering designer manual cheques from Cheque Print.

Convenient and Secure Ordering

Your manual cheque order will be printed on high-quality stock and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. You can conveniently order your manual cheques online, and Cheque Print will ship your cheques anywhere across Canada for free. If you have any questions, send us a message and our cheque printing specialists will assist you with your order of manual cheques.

One-Per-Page Manual Cheque

A one-per-page manual cheque is exactly what it sounds like: each page contains one manual cheque. This format offers excellent portability, making it convenient for carrying in your purse, bag or vehicle. Like Cheque Print’s other manual cheque offerings, you have the flexibility to personalize your manual cheque with a logo in black and white, or full colour. If this is your first order of manual cheques, then we recommend considering our 1-per-page regular manual cheque starter kit – it contains everything you need to get started, including 200 manual cheques, two deposit books and a binder and stamp. Get your kit today so you can be prepared tomorrow.

Two-Per-Page Manual Cheques

Much as you would expect and similar to the one-per-page manual cheques, two-per-page manual cheques are designed to fit into a larger binder, catering to a more permanent type of location. If the cheques are intended to remain stationary at work, home or in your desk, size becomes less of a concern, making this option potentially the most suitable for you or your company. Similar to the 1-per-page manual cheque, you can choose between six colour options and customize the 2-per-page cheques with a colour or black-and-white logo. You can also get a starter kit of our two-per-page manual cheques, which also come with 200 manual cheques. Regardless of the type of manual cheques you choose, Cheque Print prioritizes precision, ensuring all details are accurate, and your logo or custom graphics are printed to your exact specifications. See above for our full selection of manual cheques.