Manual Cheques

Personal & Business Manual Cheques in Canada

Cheque Print Canada offers a variety of personal and business manual cheques including 1-per-page, 2-per-page, designer (stock-image), standard-design, premium-design, and full custom-design options. As the name implies, a manual cheque is one where you fill in all the cheque information by hand with a pen. The alternative is to use computer software and print your cheques using a laser or inkjet printer. For many businesses, the ability to manually track cheques without a computer is the better choice.

Order Manual Cheques Online

Cheque Print makes it easy to order manual cheques online without the hassle of going to the bank and dealing with an expensive third-party cheque printer. Just choose the type that works best for your needs and complete the ordering process on the product page. Once your order is received, we will generate a free proof for you to review, and once you’ve approved your proof and paid for your order, we’ll ship it to you free within Canada. Not sure which type of manual cheque is right for you? Contact our helpful team today for assistance – our knowledgeable cheque experts are here to make sure you get the product that best suits your needs.