Order Manual Cheques from Cheque Print

A manual cheque can be filled out by hand whenever you need to submit a quick payment. Manual cheques are a helpful alternative to printer cheques or blank cheques when a computer and printer aren’t nearby. With Cheque Print, you can add a black-and-white or colour logo directly onto your manual cheques. Get started on your order of manual cheques by selecting the layout and type above. If you have any questions, send us a message and our cheque printing specialists will assist you with your order of manual cheques.

One-Per-Page Manual Cheque

A one-per-page manual cheque is precisely how it is described: there is one manual cheque per page. This option is ideal if you need to bring your cheques with you or store them in your purse, bag or vehicle. If this is your first order of manual cheques, then we recommend considering our 1-per-page regular manual cheque starter kit – it contains everything you need to get started, including 200 manual cheques, two deposit books and a binder and stamp.

Two-Per-Page Manual Cheques

Compared to a one-per-page manual cheque, two-per-page manual cheques fit into a larger binder. If the cheques remain at work, home or in your desk, then the size will be no concern. You can also get a starter kit of our two-per-page manual cheques, which also come with 200 manual cheques. No matter the type of manual cheques, Cheque Print will take care to ensure all the details are accurate and your logo or custom graphics are printed exactly as you expect. See above for our full selection of manual cheques.