Buy Blank Cheque Paper Stock

Blank cheque stock, sometimes called computer cheques or cheque paper, can be difficult to source in Canada. But Cheque Print has made it easy! We offer a variety of completely blank cheque stock for sale so you can print your own without issue. This is a very convenient option for companies that have multiple bank accounts, or several accounts in different countries with various cheque formatting needs, to avoid excessive costs and ordering hassles. Your print formatting and routing numbers are completely customizable with your own custom printing software. All of our cheque paper is the absolute highest quality, with industry-standard security features and meticulous formatting approved by the Canadian Payments Association (CPA).

Cheque Paper And Much More

If you need to order computer cheques in Canada for specific accounting programs or cheque paper for customized ordering options, we have you covered. Not only have we made it easy for you to buy blank cheque stock for any computer accounting software in the world – we also offer a wide selection of associated products including laser printer cheques, manual cheques, starter kits, designer cheques, and custom cheques – even customizable cheque accessories for all your payment needs. Check out our full inventory to ensure you’re getting the absolute best products for your needs.

Why Buy Blank Cheques With Cheque Print?

Whether it’s computer cheques or blank cheque paper stock, we give you the distinct advantage of secure online ordering with free proofs and direct shipping, which is much safer than ordering through your bank. And our ultra-secure cheque paper stock is typically about 20% cheaper than most bank cheques will be. Plus with us, you get easy, professional Canadian customer service, faster order processing, and a full satisfaction guarantee. With so many advantages, why wouldn’t you buy blank cheques with Cheque Print?


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I am really happy with all of Cheque Print's services. They are always very reliable and fast if you ever need to get an order printed and sent out right away. Their staff are all very helpful and do whatever they can to give you the best quality of service. Would definitely recommend!