The Advantage of Personal Cheques

Using cheques offers many advantages that allow you more control over your finances. Unlike other payment methods, you are not risking anyone debiting your account or charging your credit card without your consent. With cheques, you can send payment in the mail, even to other countries, and delay your payments with the added mailing time. You can easily arrange for monthly rent or bill payments with postdated cheques, which you don’t need to remember to send each month, and easily reconcile your bank account by having a paper trail and knowing exactly where your money went. And often, using cheques for regular payments costs less than other options over the long term.

Using Personalized Bank Cheques

Personal cheques are easy to carry with you, without the risks of cash or even plastic. If you’re not near a bank and can’t use plastic, they’re a great alternative to cash as they can be made for specific amounts. They offer a paper trail that can be followed easier than other payment methods, and can be personalized to suit your needs. Filling one out is easy and often takes less time than completing payments via other methods. Plus, with many banks now allowing instant cheque deposit via their smartphone app, they can be deposited fast without going to the bank.

Order Personal Cheques Online with Cheque Print

Ordering personalized cheques is incredibly easy and fast with us. We offer personalized customer service directly with one of our experienced agents, quick order production that can be received in just a few days, and full customization and image options. Plus, ordering with us saves the average customer about 20% compared to bank prices. That’s because we don’t work with a separate printing company – we ARE the printing company. We can verify your order personally and make sure it’s right, then get it to your door fast without the middle man and without anyone else potentially seeing your personal information.

Trust the experts at Cheque Print with your next order of personal cheques and accessories. Contact our friendly team with any questions you might have – we have the answers!

Excellent service and very cost effective.  We use them for our promotional items as well as corporate cheques.  I also use them for my personal cheques.  Nice to know there is an alternative to the bank for this!