Order Double-Window Envelopes Online

The cheque envelopes from Cheque Print make it easy to send out your laser printer cheques. We offer both standard (3 ½” height) and oversized (4 1/8” height) secure double-window envelopes so your accounting system cheques can fit perfectly and be mailed properly and quickly. No matter if you get your cheques from Cheque Print or not, you and your company will benefit from ordering cheque envelopes from us.

Ensure Your Double-Window Envelopes Fit Your Cheques

Since our entire focus is on cheque printing and accessories, you can be confident your double-window envelopes will fit the cheques you get from Cheque Print. The convenient windows will line up to the address fields while maintaining the security of the information on the cheque.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Cheque Envelopes

Save time and money with double-window envelopes from Cheque Print. Our cheque envelopes are available in quantities from 500 to 5,000, and purchasing your double window envelopes from Cheque Print will save you up to 25% compared to other retailers. Not only will you save money, but we guarantee you will be fully satisfied with your order. Contact our helpful team today if you need help selecting the proper cheque envelopes.


Save on Cheque Envelopes

Cheque Print is Canada’s source for cheques and cheque-related supplies, including cheque envelopes for the perfect fit. We carry self-sealing cheque envelopes that are easy to seal without licking, and they are security-lined to protect personal and financial information. Our double-window envelopes are designed for our printer cheques and they perfectly match up to the sender’s and return addresses. You will save money compared with buying envelopes from other retailers, and all our pricing includes shipping. Best of all, it is extremely convenient to order cheque envelopes when you purchase your cheques from Cheque Print.


Standard and Oversized Cheque Envelopes

Choose between standard double-window cheque envelopes and oversized cheque envelopes.

  • Standard cheque envelopes: 3 ½” height
  • Oversized cheque envelopes: 4 1/8” height

The oversized double-window cheque envelopes are ideal when you leave the two stubs on your cheque when mailing. You can use either cheque middle or cheque bottom laser cheques when you use oversized cheque envelopes. See our selection of double-window envelopes above, or contact our team if you need assistance selecting the best cheque envelopes.