Secure Cheque Ordering

Is it Safe to Order Cheques Online?

One of the most common questions we get asked is if ordering cheques online is safe. Believe it or not, if you are buying cheques online from a safe and trusted site like Cheque Print, ordering online may actually be MORE secure than ordering through the bank. The reason is obvious when you look at a comparison of the ordering process:

When you order through the bank:

  • Your bank sends your personal information and account details to a separate supplier, which is usually a very large company with multiple departments.
  • Your information could be seen by several different people before your cheques are finally printed.
  • Once the order is ready, is typically mailed to the bank where it could be sitting on someone’s desk for a few days before being mailed to or picked up by you.

When you order with Cheque Print:

  • You enter your personal information and account details directly into our fully secure SSL security-certificate authenticated online ordering site.
  • A single person will review your order, print your cheques, and send everything directly to you (business orders are sent via Purolator courier while personal orders are sent via regular mail).

Our Safe Cheque Ordering Commitment

Cheque Print takes customer safety and security very seriously, so you don’t have to wonder if it is safe to buy cheques online with us. Not only do we use the most secure cheque paper available for all orders, we provide a number of security features to protect your data and ensure a safe cheque ordering process.

  • Our entire site is protected under an SSL security certificate.  The certificate issuer ensures that we are a legitimate company, and that our site meets or exceeds all criteria concerning data security.
  • We do not transmit or upload customer data to our remote web servers or distribute to any third party.
  • No complete banking details are kept online. We only store customer information on our website until the printing is finalized and sent, then we delete the information for additional security precautions. All order information is stored in our secured in-house servers for easy re-ordering purposes.
  • Our offices are located in Canada and are also protected with a number of layers of security to safeguard customer information and data.
  • With over 20 years of business experience, thousands of satisfied customers, and millions of cheques printed, you can be assured you are dealing with a safe and reputable company.

If you are unsure about any of our security features or processes or have questions or concerns regarding the safety of your information, please feel free to contact our helpful team today.