CPA Cheque Standards

Rest assured, Cheque Print is ready!
All cheques meet the incoming CPA (Canadian Payments Association) Bank Cheque Standards.

When do these changes take effect?
All cheques including personal style must be ready to go as of September 2008.

Why do my cheques have to change?
In short the new specifications outlined in CPA Standard 006, part A, are necessary to ensure that high-quality cheque images can be captured both for clearing purposes and for delivery to clients.

I ordered  laser or ink-jet cheques, what will they look like?
Click on the following link and you can see the new layout and specifications.
(laser cheque specifications)

I use M.Y.O.B. software, what can I do?
We have thought of you as well, and have the answer. Contact us and we will provide you with a cheque format that can be used to meet the CPA standards. We will also send you an instruction sheet for setting your computers date format.