Get Started with a Cheque Kit

If you are a new customer, Cheque Print offers convenient starter cheque kit to to fulfill all of your company’s cheque requirements. Each cheque kit includes business cheques, cheque envelopes, deposit books and a cheque stamp. The best part is that you have the option to personalize your cheques, and every order includes a free proof and free delivery across Canada. Explore our current selection of cheque kits.

Save Money With Our Cheque Kits

Discover the range of starter cheque kits that Cheque Print has to offer. For business customers, our kits ensure you have all the essentials for your company's possible cheque needs. Take advantage of our highly sought-after cheque kits, allowing you to enjoy 25% off our regular retail price, while streamlining the ordering process for faster and easier transactions. With these kits, you not only enhance the efficiency of your transactions but also make a cost-effective choice for your business needs.

Reasons to Choose Cheque Print for Your Cheque Orders

Opting for Cheque Print over ordering your business cheques from banks can result in significant savings, typically up to 30%. We are committed to delivering high-quality cheques and providing a diverse array of accessories, so you can get every cheque-related thing you need from one place. When you order your cheques from Cheque Print, you will get a free proof, free shipping, personalized service and a customer satisfaction guarantee. For those who are new to business chequing, be assured that our cheque kits are the easiest way to get everything you need to get started. If you have any questions about a cheque kit for your business, contact our customer service team and we’ll be happy to find the ideal kit for you.

The Benefits of a Starter Cheque Kit

Opening a chequing account can be overwhelming, particularly for businesses in their early stages dealing with numerous bureaucratic elements aspects. Cheque Print simplifies this process by offering our user-friendly starter cheque kits; that way, you can be certain that you have all necessary components for doing business through your new account. At Cheque Print, our primary goal is to make the banking process as straightforward as possible, prioritizing the needs of the customer. Discover how easy it is to start using a chequing with Cheque Print’s cheque starter kit. Shop now.

"Our business cards that came are fabulous...the service was friendly, proofs and delivery was prompt..... I'd recommend using Cheque Print for all your needs!! Ice House Enterprises Inc."
–Andrea Wilson