Cheque Print offers simple, custom, laser cheque printing solutions for your business needs. Our inventory includes a variety of inkjet and laser cheques compatible with any printer and accounting software. Our laser cheque stock is fully customizable, so you can easily update and print cheques for your company directly from your own printer. You also get a number of laser cheque options that may be not available from some banks, including full colour logos, guaranteed accounting software compatibility, and special lines of custom information.

Buy Laser Cheques in Canada

Our printable laser cheques are priced up to 20% more affordable rates than most major banks in Canada. We cut out the middleman passing the savings on to you when you order your laser cheques in Canada directly from our website to be delivered to your door — without lowering the quality of our final product. All our inkjet and laser cheques are made of the same high-quality paper, ink and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect. Simply put, we use the best, most secure laser cheque stock on the market.

Secure Canadian Laser Cheques

Ordering from Cheque Print’s secure online website, your laser cheque printing process remains protected every step of the way. When ordering through your bank, your laser cheque order can be handled by up to a dozen different people in various departments. Don’t expose your business cheques to public view without your consent. Get your laser cheques shipped to you directly, quickly and securely with Cheque Print. We offer peace of mind, faster overall order processing, more knowledgeable customer service, plus a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you have any questions about our laser cheques, the Cheque Print process, or how we can best fill your business needs, please contact our customer service team.