Cheque Print has been providing affordable cheques online in Canada since 1999. Since then, we’ve printed over 82 million Canadian cheques for customers both around the corner and across the globe.

We understand the need for quality customized cheques done right and on time. That’s why our team is here to help guide you through the process, no matter how many questions or special requests you might have. No matter which Cheque Print products you choose, you always get the same high level of one-on-one attention from our experienced and knowledgeable team of cheque experts. Plus, every order comes with the following features we’re known for:

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If you have a burning question, you may want to check the frequently asked questions. Cheque Print aims to answer all your concerns. Whether you’re wondering about how it works, cheque security, paper, features, pricing, ordering, guarantee, and shipping, we will support you throughout the process.

Can I Order Cheques from Any Company?

Did you know there are different ways to order your cheques? Discover what to expect when you order from Cheque Print for your business or personal use and other cheque-related inquiries.

CPA Cheque Layout

Rest assured, all our cheques meet the Canadian Payments Association (CPA) Bank Cheque Standard. Cheque Print offers a visual representation to explain the importance of CPA cheque layout and the requirements that we uphold.

Accounting Cheque Software

Cheques purchased with Cheque Print are guaranteed to be compatible with your accounting software. We cater to 53 compatible accounting programs, and we don’t stop there, if you can’t find your requirement, we will match your needed layout – at no extra charge! Learn about how Cheque Print adapts to your accounting cheque software needs.

Adding a Logo

Don’t hold out on adding a logo to your cheque. Tailor your business cheque for as little as $0.09 per cheque by print colour, logo size, and design, to ensure your product stands out. Find out how to create custom logo cheques cheap and fast.

Business Cheque Specifications

Check out the dimensions of Cheque Print’s printer and manual business cheques.

Personal Cheque Specifications

Are you also interested in learning about or buying Personal Cheques? Find out about the size, customizability, and how to order them today!

Deposit Slip Specifications

Track your outgoing cheques the reliable and secure way. Know where all your cheques have been sent from the tips of your fingers with deposit slips – just choose your preferred book size and order.

Banking Accessories Specifications

Have you considered any extra touches to enhance your business productivity? Double-windowed cheque envelopes, self-inking stamps, business checkbooks, or a cheque binder could all help you do business better. Contact us and let’s chat. We have quality cheque accessories for you.