CIBC Cheques

Can I Order CIBC Cheques from Someone Other than my Bank?

Yes, you can make a CIBC cheque order from a cheque printer in Canada. Cheque Print’s CIBC bank cheques are guaranteed to be compatible with your bank, and we have printed CIBC cheque orders for years without issue. Our CIBC cheques conform to the exact same formatting guidelines outlined by the Canadian Payments Association that your bank does. We also use the same or better quality high-security cheque paper when printing your CIBC cheques. Like all other Canadian banks, CIBC Bank uses an American-owned third-party service to print their customers’ cheques. CIBC just winds up being a middleman – costing you additional time, money, and a reduction in security for your personal information. If you bank with CIBC, order cheques today from Cheque Print Canada.

Can I Order CIBC Bank Cheques Online?

Yes, it is both convenient and cost effective to order CIBC cheques online. You are definitely allowed, legally and otherwise, to order CIBC bank cheques online – making the process easier and more efficient than it would be offline. Our website has full modern encryption and your CIBC cheque request will be confidential and highly secure. Most of our customers agree that ordering CIBC cheques online is much faster and easier than going into their local branch. Plus, they enjoy the knowledge that there are experts available to help them with any potential issues or questions they might have with their CIBC cheque order – whereas most bank employees don’t know much about cheques or the ordering process. It is safe, secure and convenient to order CIBC cheques from Cheque Print.

Why Choose Cheque Print for your CIBC Cheque Order?

With years of experience printing CIBC bank cheques, Cheque Print’s team can ensure your CIBC cheque order is completed to your full satisfaction. We can answer any questions you might have with a single phone call or email – before or during your CIBC cheque order. When you call, a real person picks up the phone! Moreover, we offer many features and full CIBC cheque customization, including custom starting cheque numbers, custom address line details, custom cheque design services*, custom background images*, the addition of company logos* in black or colour, and much more. And, instead of waiting multiple weeks for a standard CIBC cheque order to arrive, you get free shipping* directly to your door within just a few days after final proof approval—all for up to 40% less than regular CIBC bank cheques. If you bank with CIBC, order cheques from Cheque Print to ensure you receive the highest quality service available.

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Save On CIBC Cheques

If you bank with CIBC, order cheques quickly and securely with Cheque Print.

  • Up to 40% cost savings compared to CIBC cheques
  • Custom cheque personalizations including business logos*
  • The most secure cheque paper stock available
  • Free set-up* and PDF proofs
  • Fast, free delivery* in Canada
  • One-on-one customer service
  • Environmental sustainability including carbon offsets (see our Green Initiatives for details)

*Additional charges may apply. These will be outlined to you at the time of your order.
See our Shipping Policy for full details.


Complete your CIBC cheque order in only a few minutes. Just snap a photo of your existing CIBC cheque and upload it to Cheque Print.


Cheque Print is the most reliable online printing business for you to fulfill any CIBC cheque requests you have. You can bypass CIBC, order cheques from us, and know that your orders will be delivered to you safely and securely. Cheque Print is 100% Canadian owned and operated, so you can order CIBC cheques from us knowing we’re focused on giving Canadians top tier service.

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