RBC Cheques

Can I Order RBC Cheques Online?

You can order your RBC bank cheques quickly and easily online. It is both more convenient and easier to get your RBC cheques from ChequePrint compared to the bank. Your RBC cheque order will be completed on our secure and encrypted site, ensuring it complies with all privacy regulations. Many customers say ordering their RBC cheques online is much easier than at their branch because there is personal one-on-one service with a cheque expert who knows more about cheques than any bank employee. If you’re worried about the RBC cheque being compatible with your accounting software – don’t be! Our RBC cheques are guaranteed to work with any accounting software. Send us a message if you have any questions about your RBC cheque order. You can avoid the hassle of going to your banks local branch by making an RBC cheque request with Cheque Print today.

Can I Order RBC Cheques from Somewhere Other than my Bank?

Yes! RBC bank cheques from Cheque Print are guaranteed to work with your bank and their software. All of our cheques, including Royal Bank cheques, comply with the same regulations and guidelines outlined by the Canadian Payments Association. Cheque Print uses the best quality, most secure cheque stock on the market today. Royal Bank, like all other Canadian banks, simply uses a third-party American-owned cheque printing service to print their customers’ cheques on their behalf. The bank ends up being the middleman between you and the cheque printing company – adding cost and time to your RBC cheque order, and reducing the security of your personal and banking information. Cut out the middleman on your RBC cheques by using Cheque Print to place your RBC cheque order today.

Why Order RBC Cheques with Cheque Print?

Cheque Print has been printing RBC bank cheques for many years. Our team is highly knowledgeable about all kinds of cheques and can help answer your questions with just one phone call or email. We also offer full RBC cheque customization, including custom address information, custom background images*, custom company logos added* in black or full colour, custom cheque start numbers, and much more. And the best part is – instead of waiting weeks for your RBC bank cheque order to arrive, we provide fast and free delivery* to your door—all for up to 40% less than what you would pay for cheques at RBC bank. If you need to go to RBC to order cheques, just use Cheque Print instead, and get your RBC cheque request fulfilled by us.

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Save on Your RBC Cheque Order

  • Savings of up to 40% compared to the cost of RBC bank cheques
  • Completely customizable designs including full-colour logos*
  • The most secure cheque paper stock available
  • Free set-up* and PDF proofs
  • Quick order turnaround and free* door-to-door delivery in Canada
  • Knowledgeable one-on-one service
  • Sustainable paper use, including tree-planting to offset the carbon footprint
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed on every RBC cheque order

*Additional charges may apply


You can order Royal Bank cheques online very quickly. Just take a picture of an existing RBC cheque and uploading it with your order!


Using Cheque Print is a great way to have your Royal Bank cheque request fulfilled. You can sidestep your bank and use our secure services to get your order of RBC cheques delivered right to your door. As we are a 100% Canadian owned and operated online printing business, you can order your RBC cheques from us knowing that we’ll be focused on providing Canadians with top tier service. Don’t go to RBC, order cheques from Cheque Print today instead!

“Fast and reliable. All the security features you would receive from the bank with the amazing option of adding your logo—you cannot get that from your bank! Will re-order and will refer Cheque Print to everyone I know!” – ECO Pools