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Can I Order My Scotiabank Cheques from Somewhere Else?

Yes! You’re 100% able to order Scotiabank cheques online or from somewhere else. Cheque Print is a Canadian cheque printer that complies with the Canadian Payments Association (CPA) guidelines, so we can complete your Scotiabank cheque order and deliver your cheques to anywhere across Canada. Our Scotiabank cheques are guaranteed to be compatible with all banking software. We’ve printed thousands of Scotiabank cheque orders over the years without issue. We also use the same quality or better paper stock with the best cheque security features available. Scotiabank simply uses an American-owned 3rd party cheque printing company – which adds both time and costs. Cheque Print ensures banking and personal information is safe in every Scotiabank cheque order. Rather than go to Scotiabank to order cheques, use Cheque Print’s easy online service and save both time and money.

Can Scotiabank Cheques Be Ordered Online?

Of course, you can certainly order Scotiabank cheques online. If you’re worried about the protection of your information, don’t be! As long as a website is fully encrypted and uses modern security measures, you can be confident that your information is secure. Cheque Print’s site does, and our entire ordering process is highly confidential too. You also have direct access to knowledgeable cheque experts for help at any stage of your Scotiabank cheque order. When you order Scotiabank cheques online with Cheque Print, the process is considerably quicker and easier than through offline means. Simply snap a photo of an existing Scotiabank cheque to get started. Order Scotiabank cheques from Cheque Print online today, and avoid the hassles of having to go to your local branch.

Why Order Scotiabank Cheques with Cheque Print?

We are the experts in all types of Canadian cheques, including Scotiabank cheques. Cheque Print’s specialists are knowledgeable and friendly. If you call us, a real person will pick up the phone! If you email, one of us will respond to you quickly. We can answer any possible questions you might have about Scotiabank cheques and the ordering process. Plus, we provide several personalization features for your Scotiabank cheque order, including custom address line information, custom starting numbers, custom background images*, added corporate logos*, custom image design services*, and much more. Additionally, you won’t have to wait several weeks for your Scotiabank cheque order to arrive – with us you will get free door-to-door shipping* directly to you within only a few days of your final proof approval. And, all this for up to 40% less than what you’d pay for Scotiabank cheques from the bank. If you have a Scotiabank cheque request you want fulfilled, you can order from Cheque Print today to guarantee you get the highest quality services available.

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Save on Your Scotiabank Cheque Order

  • Up to 40% cost savings compared to Scotiabank cheques
  • No-hassle customizations including business logos*
  • Highest security paper stock available
  • Free set-up* and PDF proofs
  • Free delivery* in Canada
  • Local, one-on-one customer service
  • Numerous Green Initiatives like carbon offsets to minimize environmental impacts
  • Guaranteed 100% satisfaction (see our Customer Service Policy for details)

*Additional charges may apply. These are outlined at the time of your order.
See our Shipping Policy for full details.


Order your Scotiabank cheques considerably faster. Just take a photo
of an existing cheque and upload the image during your order.


Cheque Print is a fantastic resource for you to have your Scotiabank cheque request fulfilled. Go around Scotiabank and order cheques from us to get the best deal available. Cheque Print is a 100% Canadian owned and operated online printing business, so you can place a Scotiabank cheque request knowing we are focused on ensuring Canadians receive the best service on offer.

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