Dear Management and staff at Cheque Print Solutions:

Thank you so much for taking my order!

I realize that my order was very, very small.  I wasn’t sure that you would even take it.  It was my first time ordering from your business.The cheque book registers and covers have arrived!  I simply cannot believe the speed with which they arrived away out here on Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands) here in BC. The cheque book registers are everything that I hoped they would be and the covers are terrific!  These are products that banks and credit unions sadly no longer make available to their customers.At 72 years old I need to write things down or they get lost out there somewhere.  Thank you so much for filling my order and this need for me and others like me!

I wish your business the very best!  I will order from you again!

Very sincerely yours,

A grateful and forgetful senior!