Welcome to the Cheque Print  Affiliate Program

How Our Affiliate Program  Can Help You and Us

We are looking to add more satisfied customers and we are asking for your help. There are two ways we could grow:

1) Spend thousands on advertising

2) Have people like you refer clients to us.

This program is available to anyone.

You know people that own a business and they already order cheques, why not have them order from us and you get paid!  The average business cheque order is $200.  You will recieve $20 for that order.

Why would we do this?

We have been printing cheques in Canada for over 15 years with thousands of satisfied customers. We want to add more satisfied customers to our family and we feel that instead of paying for advertising in the hopes of adding customers, why not pay for actual orders.  We add new customers and you make some money for your efforts. Win Win!!

You know people that use cheques, sign up today.

Program Details

1. Join our affiliate program – you are paid 10% on all orders placed, using your unique identifier link. Every month we send you a report showing the orders and a cheque for 10% of the pre-tax amount. Your friends, family, associates (anyone you know) can order any of the products on our site, from manual cheques to laser cheques and our accessories too.

  • You sign up - (no cost, no commitments)
  • You are given a unique URL link
  • We will provide you with a resource book, full of details about us, sample text you can use and even sample social media posts
  • You tell your friends, business associates - anyone you want about us and provide the link for them to use
  • They use the link and order from us
  • The order is tagged with your affiliate number
  • We calculate all orders placed and tagged with your number and we mail you a cheque, once a month
  • If the customer reorders or places another new order, you are tagged with that one as well and you get paid

If you are not sure if this is right for your group or you would simply like to speak me about the program, please feel free to call me personally @1.877.846.6996 or email me.

~ John Kittell ~ Founder/Owner - Cheque Print Solutions Inc.