5th Colour

At Print Wow and Cheque Print Solutions we are so excited to share with our customers that we proudly own a new Ricoh Pro C7200 X-5 color digital printer where the “5th” color WHITE on metallic stock, greyscale halftones in white on black or colored stock and CLEAR on any paper and spot locations! Ask us how to enhance your next rebranding, printing project, event, promotion, marketing leave behinds with WHITE or CLEAR 5th COLOR!

If you know, you know.  If you don’t let us, explain:

What is a 5-color print process also known as 5-color offset printing?

5-color printing uses the four-color CMYK process, but allows you to add a spot color PMS ink or varnish to reproduce a specific color depending on your printer and the services provided to their customers. We have WHITE and CLEAR to offer at this time.  These two colors are unique and sought after by a large base of people and businesses.

By adding WHITE as the 5th colour in the four-color printing process you can not only have white in your design, but you can also use it as a base layer to create more dynamic colors on colored paper stocks such as metallics, black or any other coloured paper.  White can also be used when printing on clear material.

How does 5th-color print process help my business?

Be unique!  With our onsite Graphic Designer and experienced printers, we can help get your brand noticed and make it shimmer and sparkle!  Our techniques will help your business stand out and give your customers more reasons to say Yes!

By enhancing your image, 5th color printing can elevate your business cards, promotional items, conference materials, invitations, brochures, catalogs and more to give your brand a competitive edge!

CLEAR TONER: can offer a high-end gloss finish on product images, photos and logos.  An added elegance that reflects the nature and quality your brand stands for.

WHITE TONER:  opens up a magnitude of clever opportunities that will help your business elevate its footprint. Use white toner as a base layer or the only colour on colored or metallic stock. Create half-tones and fades on metallic of black stock for a unique look.  Photos, logos, images retain their vibrancy while remaining on-brand.  Applying white toner to a darker stock makes an impressive distinction.  Whether you are in marketing, entertainment, fine arts or hospitality, WHITE AND CLEAR TONER will amaze you and enhance your designs.

Ask us how we can make your print communications more unique with white and clear 5th Color!