Online Ordering

Choosing the Best Cheque Ordering Website When ordering cheques, it’s important to use an SSL secure site, so your information cannot be stolen. The best website to order cheques from is also one where you can pick the product you need, select color options and then fill out all your banking details quickly and on … Read more

5th Colour

At Print Wow and Cheque Print Solutions we are so excited to share with our customers that we proudly own a new Ricoh Pro C7200 X-5 color digital printer where the “5th” color WHITE on metallic stock, greyscale halftones in white on black or colored stock and CLEAR on any paper and spot locations! Ask … Read more

Customer Service

There is only one boss! The Customer! And he [or she] can fire everybody in the company from the Chairman on down, simply by spending his [or her] money somewhere else.” – Sam Walton – Travis Biggert Customer Service and Cheque Print Solutions are synonymous! Cheque Print attributes its growth to basic customer service.  Of … Read more

Novelty Cheque

Donation Novelty (Big) Cheques 22 March 2022 You have successfully planned and launched your year-long campaign/fundraiser.  You have managed to collect well over your goal and are ready and proud to present the total donation monies to your chosen charity.  You have planned an event.  The invitations have been sent.  The RSVP list is growing.  … Read more

The over-payment scam

Don’t Fall Prey To The Overpayment Scam! Have you heard about the overpayment scan? This fraud happens when the scammer overpays for an item you are selling online in the guise of covering shipping or custom fees. The overpayment fraud tricks you into refunding money to a scammer who has overpaid you with a bogus … Read more

The Best Business Cheques

What Cheques Are Best For Business? If you’re wondering which cheques are best for your business, there are three main options to consider. Two are more traditional and one is not not-so-traditional. Let’s start with the traditional business cheque options: handwritten business cheques and printer cheques. Handwritten Cheques Firstly, the handwritten or manual business cheques. … Read more

Becoming Incorporated In Canada

Starting a new business is a really exciting process, but several crucial steps need to be followed to become properly incorporated. Selecting the corporate name, completing the articles of incorporation, obtaining the necessary permits and opening a corporate bank account are all essential parts of the process. Corporate Jurisdiction Entrepreneurs have the right to incorporate … Read more