Customer Service

There is only one boss! The Customer!

And he [or she] can fire everybody in the company from the Chairman on down, simply by spending his [or her] money somewhere else.” – Sam Walton – Travis Biggert

Customer Service and Cheque Print Solutions are synonymous!

Cheque Print attributes its growth to basic customer service.  Of course, Cheque Print provides good quality products, on time, and at the best price but true success is in the customer service.  Customer Service is defined at Cheque Print as returning calls immediately and reaching out to customers to see how they’re doing, investing time in customers’ projects, working directly with customers, and most of all listening to customers.

Cheque Print is service-oriented. This culture has allowed Cheque Print to double in size.  John Kittell, Owner of Cheque Print says all the time “this sets us apart from everyone else”.  John spends more than half his time talking and working with customers; Cheque Print’s growth shows the value of doing this.

Cheque Print constantly learns from customers, what their business is, what motivates them, and what inspires them.  This is critical to the survival of a printing business.  Cheque Print is growing and thriving while competitors are stagnant.

Cheque Print is proudly based in Calgary since 1998, providing products to customers all over North America.  Check out Cheque Print’s sister company, Print Wow.  You will not be disappointed.

If you’re wondering which cheques are best for your business, there are three main options to consider. Two are more traditional and one is not not-so-traditional. Let’s start with the traditional business cheque options: handwritten business cheques and printer cheques.

– John Kittell