Print Your Own Cheques

How to print your own cheques Discover the ease and security of printing your own cheques by ordering blank cheque stock directly from us. This method is practical and increasingly popular for several reasons, including first and foremost how cost effective it is. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn just how easy the process … Read more

The Best Business Cheques

What Cheques Are Best For Business? If you’re wondering which cheques are best for your business, there are three main options to consider. Two are more traditional and one is not not-so-traditional. Let’s start with the traditional business cheque options: handwritten business cheques and printer cheques. Handwritten Cheques Firstly, the handwritten or manual business cheques. … Read more

Styles of Cheques: What’s The Difference?

When referring to styles of cheques, we first need to breakdown the categories of cheques first. There are three main categories, and within each of those categories there are a few additional options. Each style has its own features and overall look. All cheques must meet or exceed the CPA (Canadian Payments Association) banking standards, … Read more

The Hologram Myth

You know the gold foil holograms on some of our Canadian currency? These are a built-in security feature, among others to help protect against forgers. Some have seen a similar hologram on cheque stock and equated the same sense of security with cheques as with currency. These people would be mistaken. Here is the MYTH: These … Read more

Order Puppy Cheques Online

Get personalized custom puppy cheques (an image of your dog on your cheques) or choose from several stock images of the cutest ever pups, dogs, and even kitties. Start your order now. Order Stock Puppy Cheques >        Order Cheques With My Puppy >

Davis and Henderson Business Cheques

Do You Need Them? The simple answer is NO; there is nothing special, mandated, or unique about Davis and Henderson business cheques. D&H have simply been a primary supplier to financial institutions in Canada for years. But you have a choice of where you can purchase your business cheques—it doesn’t have to be from D&H … Read more

Online Ordering

Choosing the Best Cheque Ordering Website When ordering cheques, it’s important to use an SSL secure site, so your information cannot be stolen. The best website to order cheques from is also one where you can pick the product you need, select color options and then fill out all your banking details quickly and on … Read more

Online cheques

Where Can I Buy Checks? – Online vs. Banks If you’re looking where to buy cheques in Canada, you typically have two options – online and from your bank. Traditionally, you went to the bank to buy your cheques. But these days when you ask a bank teller for cheques, they will most often look … Read more

Fintech vs. Cheques

I just read an interesting article around responsibility and liability for cheque fraud.  The following text especially caught my eye.           Relevance for FinTech?             As financial service providers turn increasingly to technology solutions (“FinTech”), startups and legacy institutions alike are wrestling with anti-fraud initiatives on electronic platforms. The risks involved are arguably much higher … Read more