Davis and Henderson Business Cheques

Do You Need Them?

The simple answer is NO; there is nothing special, mandated, or unique about Davis and Henderson business cheques. D&H have simply been a primary supplier to financial institutions in Canada for years. But you have a choice of where you can purchase your business cheques—it doesn’t have to be from D&H or even your own bank. There are no rules or regulations that dictate where you must purchase them or which brand they should be. As long as they meet the requirements of the Canadian Payments Association (CPA), your business cheques will be accepted by any financial institution in Canada.

A Better Alternative to D&H Business Cheques?

Cheque Print can print cheques for any financial institution in Canada. Not only that, but we actually exceed the requirements for the paper stock used – we offer the most secure cheque stock available in North America. You don’t have to compromise or choose between security and cost – with our cheques, you get the best of both. Business cheques are available in laser / inkjet printer compatibility to fit any accounting software application They are also available as manual cheques. You can even customize them, beyond just your company and banking details as is the case with D&H business cheques. You can add black and white logos, full colour logos or even go with a full custom, full colour cheque option.

Do You Still Need Business Cheques?

This is another good question that is fairly common these days. Cheques give you many controls, much moreso than immediate electronic payment options. You can control when you sign and release your cheque. You can also put stop payments on cheques quickly and easily. You can track and verify all details from the cheque, to ensure nothing extra is paid. You also will have accounting records and a paper stub, from the cheque, to keep for backup and quick reference. And many businesses use accounting systems that make cheque payments very easy and quick to do. Ultimately, you are in much more control with a cheque than an electronic transaction.

So to wrap up, do you need Davis and Henderson business cheques, or any cheques, for that matter? The simple answers are no to D&H business cheques, but yes to cheques as an easy payment method for your business.

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