Business Cheque Starter Kits

You have just started your own business. Congratulations! You have a lot to do and a lot of expenses.  In order to keep your expenses down, without compromising your cheque security and quality, how about going with a Cheque Print starter kit. These kits start with our high-security cheque stock, add-in customized  deposit slips,  a handy to use self-inking deposit stamp, PLUS either our self-sealing cheque envelopes or a cheque binder, depending on which type of business check you are choosing and you are good to go.  You have now covered all aspects of not only your cheques, but the necessary accessories to start your new business off just right.

As a bonus, you have also saved more than 20% off the regular pricing, but likely you have saved even more than when ordering through Davis & Henderson.  Win, Win, Win.  Your Canadian business cheques are the most-secure stock (not just added “window dressing” security features), your deposit slips have everything your bank needs to ensure all deposits go into your account.  Your self-inking deposit stamp is convenient and ready for all incoming cheques.  If you ordered a laser/inkjet cheque starter kit, then you will also receive 500 double window, security-lined, self-sealing cheque envelopes – WOW.  If you ordered a manual handwritten cheque starter kit, you will get a beautiful leather-look black binder to hold your cheques – classy!

Start your business off right and order your starter kit today.